Over the years, Coronata is being providing customized product and application development services and solutions to the businesses globally. We ventured into the field with a mission to deliver robust effective IT Solutions to our clients giving value for your money with guaranteed quality assurances. From proposal request to continuous delivery, Coronata endeavors end-to-end application development services across major development platforms.We deliver value scientifically through a data-driven model of operational excellence and a sharp focus on using new-age technologies to provide seamless services and dependable deliveries. Driven by an unwavering focus on adding value to our customer businesses, Coronata has always distinguished itself from the competition by emphasizing on hiring and developing the best talent in the IT services market and leveraging their knowledge and experience to boost innovation and technology efficiency. Apart from Information Technology solutions, Coronata has its winds spread over Advertisement and Tourism Industry.

Coronata is a full-service advertisement agency with a unique blend of advertising experience and digital expertise.We always try to find ways to help our clients with solutions that are innovative. Coronata has been sincerely involved in media advertising (A/V ads, media ads), media production (creative designing, creative writing, A/V production), digital marketing and SEO since its establishment.

Tourism is one of the most exciting and progressive industries in the World. Part of the visitor economy, tourism is also big business and it impacts on almost every other industry. Technological advances have changed the way we travel, and these new developments promise an even more interactive and exciting experience. Coronata believes that to provide every customers a unique travel experience; to deliver the expected level of service,technology is a must.